Problems with Times CSX fonts

John Smith jds10 at CUS.CAM.AC.UK
Mon Mar 16 13:01:24 UTC 1998

A few weeks ago I received two separate reports of problems with the PC
TrueType versions of the Times CSX fonts held on my server. Investigation
showed that when they were converted to TrueType from the original Type 1
PostScript a number of characters were lost. These characters were not
"core" Indian requirements, but rather certain European accented forms:
even so, it is surprising that it should have taken well over six months
for the omissions to be noticed!

Andrew Glass has kindly re-converted the fonts, and the new versions are
now in place on my server. If you are using traditional ftp, connect to and go to /pub/john/software/fonts/csx_fonts;
the file containing the fonts is If you are using a Web
browser, connect to (or follow
the link from the Indology page), and click on the "fonts" link.

Please note that the problem affected *only* TrueType versions of the CSX
fonts for the PC. The Norman fonts are unaffected, as are PostScript and
Macintosh versions of the CSX fonts.

As far as I can see, the new fonts work fine. Please let me know as soon
as possible of any problems you encounter with them.

John Smith

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