To the lamenters

Robert J. Zydenbos zydenbos at BLR.VSNL.NET.IN
Sun Mar 15 21:58:27 UTC 1998

Prof P Kumar asked:

> Speaking of the Spice Girls show at Khajuraho--
> Any thoughts!!!

A few opinions:

> Perhaps can we discuss the ramifications of
> such criticism for academic study on the one hand and the public or
> lay perception (mainly religious perception) on the other. The
> question that we could raise is, is Khajuraho a religious centre or
> is it an art exhibit?

Both, in different senses. That the buildings are temples should
indicate a religious function, but it is a kind of religiosity that
has been lost in the course of time, making it more of an art
exhibit today (at best; or something to giggle about).

> Does any one religious community have a "sole mandate" on it,

No. Some of the temples are brahminical, at least one other is Jaina.

> A corrolary question is are Spice Girls doing art?


> Or are they commercial entertainers?


> In other words, are Spice Girls claim the
> space of Khajuraho as artists in  traditional sense


> or are they simply using it for commercial promotion?

obviously (as something to giggle about)


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