Indo-Aryan migration vs Indigenous origin - scholarly debate

S Krishna mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Mar 16 00:34:35 UTC 1998

Charles Poncet says:
>> >
>Talking about scholarship and the sometimes inevitable overlap with
>"political" issues, what do you guys make of the contention, recently
>expressed in a book by David Frawley and Georg Feuerstein, that the
>whole idea of an Aryan invasion is a western invention and that the
>Indus civilization essentially disappeared because of a change in the
>course of the Sarasvati river ? I found the book entertaining and well
>argued, if at times a little manichean,

In this context does anybody have the adds of Dr Klaus Kostermaier of
UManitoba? IF so, with consensus may we invite him to take part in this
AIT/AMT debate? He was the academic who gave Messrs Kak,Feurstein
and Frawley a glowing review; this review is normally passed off by this
school as *proof* of it's mainstream acceptance.

  I'm sure we would all benefit from finding out why Dr Kostermaier says
what he says.....


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