change of email address with correct eamil

James E. Agenbroad jage at LOC.GOV
Thu Mar 12 21:36:39 UTC 1998

On Thu, 12 Mar 1998, Premchand Gada wrote:

> Dear Friend,
> I have your email address on my file. May be I have contacted you earlier either for JAINA, Jain Academic Foundation of North America (JAFNA) or personally by me or may be we have common friends.
> My email # has changed and please take a note of a new email address. <gadaprem at> If you have sent me any email in last week you may send it again at this new address to be sure I have read it. Please excuse me if this email has caused any inconvenience to you.
> Please reply. Thank you.
> Regards.
> Premchand
                                            Thursday, March 12, 1998
I think we're both on the 'Indology' list.  Best wishes.
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