Electronic texts, irt Jan Dvorak.

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Von: Anshuman Pandey <apandey at U.WASHINGTON.EDU>
Datum: Mittwoch, 11. März 1998 00:25
Betreff: Electronic texts, irt Jan Dvorak.

>Jan Dvorak raised an important question in a
recent post about whether
>there exists a list of available electronic
texts. I know that the
>Sanskrit Documents Project housed at
jaguar.cs.utah.edu maintains such a
>list, but the list does not begin to contain them
all. TITUS aims to
>provide such a list, however, its enumeration of
"Indica" texts is far
>from being an exhaustive one. Also, the INDOLOGY
website has links to
>various sites which house electronic texts, but
again there are other
>links which are absent. There are other such
lists spread across the net,
>each with links or texts not found on other
lists, ie. John Smith's
>bombay.oriental.cam.ac.uk server and the kyoto
file server upon which
>reside the texts of Profs. Yano, Tokunago, Ikari,
et al., and John
>Gardner's Vedavid.
>Are there any opinions as to whether a
comprehensive list of Indic
>electronic texts ought to be compiled, and
whether such a list would be
>Anshuman Pandey
>On Tue, 10 Mar 1998, Jan Dvorak wrote:
>> working on a project dealing with the old
Indo-Aryan and Dravidian
>> literatures we plan to type some texts. I
attach a proposed list and ask
>> you to let me know if some of them have already
been typed anywhere in
>> the world. Or is there any center collecting
information on available
>> electronic texts? Thank you for your responses.

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