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Dear members of the list,

        Please allow me to introduce two books on Sanskrit.

        Yours sincerely,

        Dermot Killingley

Beginning Sanskrit: A practical course based on graded reading and

By Dermot Killingley, revised by Dermot Killingley and Siew-Yue

Three volumes.

Vol I 1996. ISBN 3 89586 062 X. USD 42 / DM 56 / stg 23.60.
Vol II in press; vol. III in preparation.

The aim of the course is to develop reading ability. Each of the 65 lessons
contains explanation, oral practice, a passage for reading, and written
exercises. Devanagari is introduced in Lessons 23-27, and is used from
then on in all the reading passages; roman script is used thoughout in
the explanations, practice sentences and exercises. The grammatical
terminology of modern Sanskrit scholarship has been adapted to conform
with linguistic theory.



By Dermot Killingley and Siew-Yue Killingley.
1995. USD 31.75 / DM 41 / stg 18.65.

A sketch of the historical and sociolinguistic setting, phonology,
morphology and syntax.

Both books published by:

Lincom Europa,
Paul Preuss-Str. 25,
80995 Mu"nchen,

e-mail: lincom.europa at

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