Quotations from Bhusundi-ramayana

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Luis Gonzalez-Reimann
University of California, Berkeley

>Does anyone know where I could obtain a copy of the
>_RAma-nava-ratna-sAra-saNgraha_ by RAma-caraNa-dAsa?  It was published
>by ZrI-avadha-ZaraNa of JAnakI-ghATa at the Goloka Press, AyodhyA, in
>Vikrama Samvat 1985 (1907 CE).  Or does anyone have information about
>accessible manuscripts of this text?
>I am searching for any early quotations of verses ascribed to the
>_BhuZuNDi-rAmAyaNa_.  ("Early" means verses not taken from the edition
>of the text published by Bhagavati Prasad Singh in 1975-1985.)  I have
>seen Singh's publications and the 1976 edition of BhuvaneZvaranAtha
>MiZra's 1957 _RAmabhakti-sAhitya me~ Madhura UpAsanA_, which include
>such quotations.  If anyone can supply other verses, or even just
>references, I would appreciate it.
>Since what I need is only the verse (or verses?) the
>_RAma-nava-ratna-sAra-saNgraha_ quotes from the _BhuzuNDi-RAmAyaNa_, if
>more of the text is not available even a photocopy of page 27 of the
>published text, which includes one verse, (and a photocopy of the title
>page if possible) would be helpful.  If this is not available, if
>someone could definitely supply even just the verse itself, that would
>be a final alternative.
>Similarly, I have not yet been able to obtain the exact verse ascribed
>to the _BhuZuNDi-rAmAyaNa_ quoted by Rn N. TripAThI in the introductory
>material to his edition of the _RAma-carita-mAnasa_ (Allahabad: Hindi
>Mandira, 1936).  A copy of this publication is available in the Central
>Secretariat Library in New Delhi (and a microfilm is to be made by CRL),
>but I have not yet obtained it.  Can anyone help with this or any other
>early quotations of the _BhuZuNDi-rAmAyaNa_?
>Allan Keislar
>Dept. of South and Southeast Asian Studies
>University of California, Berkeley
>Berkeley, CA 94720
>keislar at uclink2.berkeley.edu

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