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The Tibetan Book of the Dead: Literature and Artwork on Prayer, Ritual,
    and Meditation from the Religious Traditions of Tibet, India and Nepal
    --UVA Library [Javascript]

The Special Collections Department of the University of Virginia Library
has recently launched this site, a companion to an exhibit running from
November 7, 1997 to March 4, 1998. The UVA Library holds one of the world's
largest collections of Tibetan literature; this site is designed to
"demystify the sacred Tibetan texts on death and dying and to create an
opportunity to share the wisdom of these ancient beliefs and practices."
The text and artwork sections highlight the site; they contain six and
three subsections respectively. Under texts there are explanations, and
page samples of Sutras, Tantras, The Art of Dying, and Transitions to the
Other World, among others. The still-developing artworks section contains
explanations and/or examples of selected scroll paintings, statuary, and
ceremonial art. The only drawback to this fascinating site is the confusing
Javascript navigation interface, which requires users to click on the
"Choose a Page" button and make a selection, even if there is only one
selection. [JS]

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