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Harappa [QuickTime, RealPlayer]
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Harappa was a city in the Indus Valley civilization that flourished around
2,500 B.C. in the western part of South Asia. This site, produced by Omar
Khan, contains a number of items related to the study of this ancient city,
including a 90-slide tour of the Indus Valley and 3-D computer recreations
of the city's gateway and surrounding topography. The site also offers a
large number of audio and visual resources concerning pre-1947 South Asia
in general. Users can browse 130 historical photos via a city index or
active map, view a selection of lithographs, postcards, and engravings, and
view a number of newsreels in QuickTime format. Although only nine
newsreels and archival films are currently available, the site plans to
eventually offer 50 in honor of South Asia's 50 years of independence.
Additional offerings include several rare amateur color movies filmed
c.1940, RealAudio recordings by several prominent historical figures, and a
wonderful collection of reflections in audio, video, and text formats by
Princess Abida Sultaan of Bhopal, a contemporary of many of the leaders of
the independence movement. [MD]


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