The Shiva Hypothesis (fwd)

Venkateswara Rao Veluri rveluri at SMTPGATE.ANL.GOV
Mon Mar 9 17:21:24 UTC 1998

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Sree KRishna on     3/8/98 12:32 PM surmises:

"....I would like to make the following additions:

1. There is an antibiotic called Gangamycin ( not sure of how it got
it's name story that I heard is it was named after the river
Ganga, another version says that it was named after the discoverer,
whose name was Gangadharan.)---"

Gangamycin is named after its discoverer Sree Gangadharam, Pattisapu
who is currently employed as a Professor of Biochemistry at the
Rush Medical School in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

I'll try to forward this message to him!


V Rao Veluri

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