The Shiva Hypothesis (fwd)

S Krishna mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Mar 8 20:32:02 UTC 1998

In relation to the question brought up by me i.e. concepts named after
Indian things, I would like to make the following additions:

1. There is an antibiotic called Gangamycin ( not sure of how it got
it's name story that I heard is it was named after the river
Ganga, another version says that it was named after the discoverer,
whose name was Gangadharan.)

2. In 1961, a fossil of a hitherto unknown kind of Dinosaur was found
(I think that the chief scientist in this was a Bengali
gentleman)..since 1961 was the 100th anniversary of the birth of Tagore
, the speicies was named "Tagori".

3. In geology, one of the geological masses of land that existed nearly
50 million? years ago ( i.e. when there were just two continents
existing) was named Gondwanaland after the province of Gondwana in 16th
century India( modern Madhya Pradesh-Orissa).

4. In Flexible Manufacturing Systems i.e. FMS, a very popular technique
of pictorial modelling is called "Petri net theory". I
have been told that the "Petri" is related to Samskrt "pitr~"(father)
. This derivation is obviously far fetched, but there may be a different
reason(India related) for it's having that name since a lot of the
theoritical work in this field was done in the late 70s at the Ramanujan
Institute of Mathematics in MAdras. I believe that one of the people
involved in this, a certain Dr Balasubramanian also came up with a proof
for a specific case of Fermat's puzzle sometime in the 80s( proof for a
specific case as opposed to all integers, as was done
by Dr Andrew Weil of Princeton University).


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