An appeal to Indologists (Was Re: Indo-Aryan invasion)

Viktor V. Sukliyan madhava at CH1.VSNL.NET.IN
Sat Mar 7 21:08:58 UTC 1998

On Sat, 7 Mar 1998, S Krishna wrote:
> In addition, in Northern India, there has been a long tradition of
> glamorizing essentially non-Indian cultures and languages like Farsi
> , whose patronage(atleast by the upper middle classes) came about only
> at the cost of indigenous tradition. Through out the middle ages,

Northern Indians notoriously sounding about values and treasures of
"India" , but having in view ONLY Post or Pre-post Independence India.
It seems to be they don't like to preserve memories and/or facts of
previous troublesome ages, which are not shaping well
in their domestic outlooks on Indian achievements.

> I believe there is another factor that prevents propagation/study
> of ancient India namely the diversity of ancient Indian tradition...

> that one gets of India and Indology is one of bewildering confusion
> -Sanskrit,Hinduism,Buddhism....there are a long list of things that
> compete for attention. Since there exists no user-friendly method for
> guiding people through all this confusion, most people simply give
> up and take to *something* that is far simpler to follow, the

It resembles situation with break down of Sovietology Studies in the West
after decay of SU, when suddenly emerged decades of Eastern European
and Central Asian Independent Countries-with need to be studied out of
communist context. Manifolds of languages and cultures NOT-KNOW well before.
And not so easy to know also. So, what was the wise decision: just to curtail
any studies on that region,or in a better case to extinct them down to level
of only Russia Studies with relative funding cut.


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