An appeal to Indologists (Was Re: Indo-Aryan invasion)

Viktor V. Sukliyan madhava at CH1.VSNL.NET.IN
Sat Mar 7 20:32:35 UTC 1998

>  It seems to me that our Indian friends may simply be doing what we did
> in Europe : we "unlearned" Latin and Greek in our schools; we

That is why Latin and Greek diagnosed as a remnants of dead Culture.

> Yet this does not mean that our cultural heritage disappeared. It simply
> became common ground of joy and study for fewer people than before

Only for obsolete few in Oxford or Harvard?!!

> be this is what is happening in India ?
> Charles
Thanks God not, I believe. I haven't yet been in South India(Dravida),but
heard many good things. There are still living traditional societies,
preserved thru milleniums, aren't they?


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