Indo-Aryan invasion

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At 11:52 02.03.98 -0500, you wrote:
>On Sun, 1 Mar 1998, Lars Martin Fosse wrote:
>> "Circumstantial evidence for identifying the language of the Indus Valley
>> script with Elamite or Dravidian has been greatly strengthened by David
>> McAlpin's work on the relationship between the Dravidian languages and
>> Elamite. McAlpin has demonstrated that the two groups of languages derive
>> from a common proto-language, Proto-Elamo-Dravidian, and that Brahui,
>> traditionally assigned to the Northen Dravidian subgroup, would actually
>> appear to be linguistically as well as geographically intermediate between
>> the two major subgroups. ...
>McAlpin published his provocative and very interesting study quite some
>time ago and then he himself (if I am not mistaken) appears to have
>disappeared from academic cirlces and nothing more was heard from him. In
>any event, while some linguists are still open to considering his line of
>argument, it is by no means universally accepted at all. Does anyone know
>of any more recent work predicated on McAlpin's preliminary
>investigations?  Regrards, Edwin

Thanks for the info, Edwin. I asked for some comments upon McAlpin's work,
but so far nothing has been heard.

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