Multimedia Hindi

Dick Plukker D.Plukker at INTER.NL.NET
Sun Mar 1 13:30:37 UTC 1998

A good place to start is the South Asia Gopher:


for Hindi teaching materials, software, audio and video tapes.

CD-Roms:  The Hindi Guru, your personal tutor.
          Have a look at:

          Hindi-English Dictionary (Nagari and transliteration). Have a look

I too am interested in such materials; please keep me informed.

>Here at Copenhagen University we would like to start a
>teaching archive of multimedia resources for Hindi language.

>Resources would  include the following:
>1. Interactive CD ROM's
>2. Videotapes
>3. Satellite access to Hindi Language TV
>4. Good Language Cassette Tapes
>Ken Zysk

    Dick Plukker
    India Institute, Amsterdam

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