King Shahaji of Tanjore

Thu Jun 25 15:37:33 UTC 1998

Tanjore Maratha period was for a brief period. Times were tough,
many contenders, their political power and impact extremely limited.

In court rituals, they followed the pattern set by
Tanjore and Madurai Nayaks, their immediate predecessors.
That is why we find studies on their courtly productions,
which are usually by Telugu brahmins.

One reason why there was no big resistance to them:
After the decline of Pandyas, the contact between
the ruler and ruled is lost mostly. In Tamil, there is a
Proverb that tells about the public attitude:
"Raman aaNDal enna? RavaNan aaNDaal enna?"
(Who cares whether Rama or Ravana rules?)

N. Ganesan

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