King Shahaji of Tanjore

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Yigal Bronner wrote:
> I am looking for information on king Shahaji of Tanjore. Has there been any
> recent study of of the Maratha kings of South India in general, and on him
> in particular?
> Any refference would be welcome.
> Yigal Bronner.

I am currently working on a project documenting the liturgical
music/dance traditions of the Tyagarajasvami Temple, Tiruvarur.
Siva-Tyagaraja was Sahaji's ista-devata, and was also the state deity
during his rule.  The following references may be of some use:

Tyagesa Padas of Shahaji Maharaj.  ed. N. Viswanathan.  Thanjavur: TMSSM
Library, 1980.

Telugu in Tamil and Nagari Script:
Keertanas of King Shahaji.  ed. K. Ramachandra Iyer and N. Viswanathan.
Thanjavur: TMSSM Library, 1988.

Pallaki Seva Prabandham (a Telugu composition by Shahaji).  ed. P.
Sambamoorthy.  Madras, 1955.

Pallaki Seva Prabandham.  ed. Gowri Kuppuswami.  Mysore, 1976.

Sahendravilasam of Appaya Diksita. ed. V. Raghavan.

Raghavan, V.  "King Shahaji's Contributions to Music and Dance".
Souvenir of the 48th Conference of the Madras Music Academy, 1974-75.

One tradition claims that the Tiyakecar Kuravanci, which was staged
regularly in the Tyagaraja temple, was composed by Sahaji himself.  He
is said to have written the text identifying himself with the heroine,
Rajamohini.  You may want to see the printed edition of the text:
Tiyakecar Kuravanci.  ed. V. Premalata.  Thanjavur: TMSSM Library, 1970.

Devesh Soneji

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