Romantic India

Klaus Karttunen Kjkarttu at ELO.HELSINKI.FI
Mon Jun 22 12:50:24 UTC 1998

Dear members
Many thanks to Lars, Jaroslav, Allen Thrasher, John Napier and
others for interesting comments.
As to Schubert's opera Sakuntala, which, according to Napier, is

> An early work, long lost, recently (ie since c1980) rediscovered.

It seems that the opera encyclopedia checked by me was not up-to-
date (though a very recent edition). With the great popularity of
Jones' Sacontala in Germany (both literal translation and dramatic
adaptations in German, laud by such people as Goethe), it is rather
curious that so few were interested in turning it into music.

Best regards,

Klaus Karttunen

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