Romantic India

Michael Rabe mrabe at ARTIC.EDU
Fri Jun 19 11:16:25 UTC 1998

> sometime in the early 80s, there was a symphony composed with the name
>"Satyagraha". This symphony describes the activities of Mahatma
>Gandhi in S.Africa and consists mainly of verses of the Bhagavadgita
>set to music. From an Indian point of view, it is a little difficult to
>relate to the business of Mahatma Gandhi and KAsturba singing duets
>, verses from the Bhagavadgita at that....

That's Philip Glass, an indophile with roots of musical collaboration with
Ravi Shankar back in the 1960's and most recently celebrated, justifiably,
I might add, for the score of _Kundun_, the Dalai Lama tribute by Martin
>Last but not the least, there was some talk of a "Sitar Symphony"
>sometime ago by Pandit Ravi Shankar...
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