English retroflexion

Buddistafelag Islands buddh at VORTEX.IS
Sat Jun 20 18:57:48 UTC 1998

Jonathan Silk wrote:

>Miguel Carrasquer Vidal wrote:
>>Another example is English, where /r/ is pronounced as retroflex [R.]
>>in some varieties (notably American English).
>Can you give an example?  As a native speaker of American English, I am not
>aware of any retroflexion in my speech.
>Jonathan SILK

Retroflexion is to be found in the Mid-Western pronunciation of "bird"
(after 1979 represented in the IPA by a turned r with right tail, i.e. a voiced
retroflex approximant). It is also noticeable in the accents of Southern
Ireland, Somerset, and N. Lancashire.


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