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><< For several days I've been stumped
> trying to recall where I read, way back when, about artisans from several
> specific regions of India, at work for some South Indian king.  I thought
> it might have been the Cilappatikaram, but couldn't find such a passage in
> K.N Subramaniyam's _rendering_. >>
>Since I did not see any response for this query, here is my suggestion. Did
>you try maNimEkalai? As I am on the road, I cannot give the exact reference.
>If my memory is right, the lines go something like this.
>makata vin2aiJarum marATTak kammarum
>avantik kollarum yavan2at taccarum
>taNtamiz vin2aiJar tammoTuG kUTi...
>S. Palaniappan

The lines are almost exactly like this in U.V.S. 's edition (p.212)
except that it says "tammoTu kUTi ..." at the end ....

The reference is Canto XIX, lines 107-109

There is a "joint translation" by Danielou (he did not do much...)
and T.V.Gopal Iyer (ISBN 0-8112-1097-9 or ISBN 0-8112-1098-7)
that reads, on page 81 (description of an audience hall):

"It was the work of the best craftsmen from the cool
 Tamil country, together with sculptors from Magadha,
 skilled in working rare stone, goldsmiths from the Maratha
 country, blacksmiths from Avanti, and Greek (Yavana)
 carpenters. ........."


-- Jean-Luc CHEVILLARD (Paris)

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