Random cultural oddity?

Michael Rabe mrabe at ARTIC.EDU
Fri Jun 19 11:01:47 UTC 1998

Au contraire,
        That's what killed him [and many others, more recently, I hear]

>It is reported by authentic sources that the formula for Viagra is
>contained in the last sutra of Panini's Astadhyayi.  He is reported to
>have died saying 'Viagra, Viagra', but evidently before someone would
>administer it to him.
>                        Madhav Deshpande
>On Wed, 17 Jun 1998, Ashok Aklujkar wrote:
>> For some weeks I have been saying to my family that Viagra looks
>>suspicioulsy close to vyaaghra 'tiger.' However, I have not been energetic
>>enough to investigate how the drug was named. (Could it be because I did not
>>take Viagra?) -- ashok aklujkar
>> At 10:44 -0500 16-06-98, jonathan silk wrote:
>> >I haven't seen mention of this anywhere (but then, I haven't been looking
>> >either)
>> >
>> >So, I wondered:  Am I the only one who noticed this and thought it ...
>> >interesting:
>> >
>> >vyAgra :: Viagra
>> >
>> >Surely this is more than a coincidence?
>> >
>> >In a lighter mood, jonathan
>> >
>> >Jonathan SILK
>> >
>> >****Note New Email Address***:
>> >
>> >jonathan.silk at yale.edu

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