Iranians in Ancient India

Yaroslav V. Vassilkov yavass at YV1041.SPB.EDU
Thu Jun 18 07:13:44 UTC 1998

I would like to express my belated thanks to Jonatan Silk for his additions
to a list of works bearing on the Iranian influence in Indian Religion. His
suggestions are not "off the original point" at all, but directly answer my
question. Due to the help from the members of the list and to my own search
I have now at my disposal a bibliography on the problem, which starts with
Major Wilford's notes in Asiatic Researches, vol. 9, and Fr. Buchanan's
"Account of the Districts of Bihar and Patna in 1811-1812" (published from
the original MS at Patna in 1920-s, no exact date). And I have found what
I was looking for: the indisputable evidence of Iranian cultural presence in
Magadha/Bihar during Late Antiquity and Middle Ages.
       With deep gratitude to all contributors,
                                                Yaroslav Vassilkov

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