method of dating RV, III

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<< For instance, ante quem for RV is relatively
 stronger and more direct (with converging iron and rice-argument) than post
 quem; still, in the absence of better alternatives I would accept the date
 search for additional evidence, all the while remaining open for attempts to
 establish an alternative date (which may further strengthen the accepted date
 when it flounders). >>

What is the current position of Vedic scholars with respect to the relative
dates of the text of the yajur veda vs the text of  RV and the relative dates
of the ideas in the YV vs ideas in the RV? I am interested in any updates of
Parpola's view that YV reflects a different tradition from RV, and "which
probably evolved in the Punjab and was incorporated in the Veda only during
the acculturation that may be assumed to have taken place after the descent of
the Rgvedic tradition from the Swat Valley." What are the possible dates for
the origin of agnicayana?

S. Palaniappan

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