method of dating RV, III

Tue Jun 16 08:45:28 UTC 1998

Correction and addition to previous message:
sorry for misquoting pataNjali: the quote should read:
yac chabda Aha tad asmAkam pramANam . . .  (MBh 1.11.1-2; 1.366.8)

As for the history of Indological studies and the emergence of a classical
paradigm, one may mention, apart from Oldenberg's Vedaforschung (1905), also
Manfred Mayrhofer's Sanskrit und die Sprachen Alteuropas: zwei Jahrhunderte des
Widerspiels von Entdeckungen und Irrtuemern, Goettingen: Vandenhoeck, 1983.
Here the emergence in the course of the 18th and 19th century is described of a
non-Sanskrit- and non-India-centered model after initial quite popular,
'romantic' models in which Sansrit was considered to be closest to a common
Indo-European language. A major role in this transition was played by the
French-speaking Swiss F. de Saussure, end 19th century (n.b.: Switzerland had
no colonial ties with India).


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