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George Thompson thompson at JLC.NET
Tue Jun 16 17:45:37 UTC 1998

Sorry. In my last post I should have added the following, in response to
Dominique's other request:

>        It could be perhaps useful to have the Sanskrit text,
>"with reference to these" being the key.
The Skt. text of Nir. 2.23 is:

vAJnAmAnyuttarANi saptapaJcAzat | vAkkasmAdvacateH | tatra
sarasvatItyetasya nadIvad devatAvaccha nigamA bhavanti tadyad
devatAvadupariSTAttad vyAkhyAsyAmaH | athaitannadIvat |

and here again is L. Sarup's translation, as given by Beatrice:

Nirukta 2.23;
'The following fifty-seven (words) [in the NighaNTu] are synonyms of
speech. From what (root) is vAc (speech) derived? It is derived from (the
root) vac (to speak). With reference to these, the word SarasvatI is used
both in the sense of 'a river' and of 'a deity' in Vedic passages" (trans.
by Lakshman Sarup).


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