... Sanskrit for MS Word Utility

John Richards jhr at ELIDOR.DEMON.CO.UK
Tue Jun 9 12:02:38 UTC 1998

> >There is also a Word 6 version for just Devanagari
> >and Nina - but not fully complete yet.
> I may have made a mistake or overlooked something, but the
> macros for combining consonants don't seem to work. Is the
> font "Sanskrit New" (referred to in the macros Conjnct 1-3)
> something which will make the utility more complete or is
> it just an older name for "Sanskrit 1.2"? I.e., does
> "Sanskrit 1.2" cover all the possible combinations, so that
> a slight change in the macros will do?

No. My apologies. Most of my effort has been going into the Word 97
version. The Sanskrit 1.2 is an upgrade of the Sanskrit New font, and
I was switching over, but forgot to amend part of the coding. You
should find the version there now OK. Sorry to have put you to

Best wishes


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