Vivekachudamani and Sanskrit for MS Word Utility

John Richards jhr at ELIDOR.DEMON.CO.UK
Tue Jun 9 08:16:33 UTC 1998

May I briefly draw the attention of members of the list to two small

Firstly there is now a Sanskrit text + English translation of
Shankara's Vivekachudamani available on the Indology site text
collection OR on the Jaguar Sanskrit text collection OR on my own
site. I would welcome constructive criticism.

Secondly, I have devised, originally for my own use, a little Utility
(a suite of three templates) for typing Sanskrit very easily directly
into Word 97 in Devanagari, CSX or Nina 1.0 format. It is completely
Freeware, and not absolutely perfect, but very effective and
serviceable for all that. I would again welcome suggestions for
improvement. There is also a Word 6 version for just Devanagari and
Nina - but not fully complete yet.

Both the above are available from

Namaskar to all.

John Richards
Stackpole Rectory, Pembroke, UK
jhr at

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