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B. Reusch reusch at UCLINK4.BERKELEY.EDU
Sun Jun 7 02:49:32 UTC 1998

>         I'd need the exact content of naighaNTuka i,11 where a meaning
> "speech" of saras is given to explain sarasvatI. Had someone this niruktam
> at hand?

Nirukta 2.23;
'The following fifty-seven (words) [in the NighaNTu] are synonyms of
speech. From what (root) is vAc (speech) derived? It is derived from (the
root) vac (to speak). With reference to these, the word SarasvatI is used
both in the sense of 'a river' and of 'a deity' in Vedic passages" (trans.
by Lakshman Sarup).

Beatrice Reusch
University of California, Berkeley

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