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>From:         Klaus Karttunen <Kjkarttu at ELO.HELSINKI.FI> says:

>My book, India and the Hellenistic World, came out a few months ago as
number 83 of our series Studia Orientalia. It contains 10+459 pages
>and the price is 200 Finnish Marks (about the same as French Francs).

Could you please tell us:  1. What was the Indian way of keeping track
of time( i.e. in terms of days, weeks etc) when Alexander came to
India? I've read that the modern European system of classifying
everything into weeks, months etc was a Greek concept borrowed by the
Indians when the Greeks came to India( never minded if the Greeks
themselves obtained the concept of the minute, second etc from the

2. Is there any critique of the Arthasastra by the Greeks? If so, how
did they compare Chanakya with their own political thinkers?

Any reply would be appreciated


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