Correction to: Re: method of dating RV, III

George Thompson thompson at JLC.NET
Thu Jun 4 13:47:39 UTC 1998

The following paragraph of my last post left out a final word:

"Lately I've been entertaining the idea that the RV and the GAthAs are more
or less contemporary, and that there may be references in the RV not so
much to Zarathustra or Mazdayasnians, but rather to their immediate
ancestors. Kellens & Pirart also have argued in favor of de-historicizing
Zarathustra, thus making him to look more like a legendary Vedic RSi than a
historical prophet. If there is some legitimacy in this argument, then it
might not be too far-fetched to suggest that terms like a'deva, devani'd,
or deva'zatru, etc., might refer to Iranians, whom the Aryans of the RV."

The last clause should read: "whom the Aryans of the RV knew."

With apologies,


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