The south Asian bombs

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><< It is now almost three weeks after Pokhran-II, and a day after the most
> recent test in Chagai. I've seen no direct reference to the nuclear
> testing on this list. Maybe Sarasvati and Dravidian etymology are
> explosive enough for us here. Maybe the bomb is not one of the issues
> that Indology should bother about. >>
>From Christian Bomb to Communist, Jew, Hindu and Islam Bombs. What more do we
>All nations are replete with mythological attribution to divine or devil
>retribution. The almost whole world is into religious faith due to fear, or
>lack of awareness of the hypocrisy of religious leaders.  Our religious works
>have brain washed us with sordid tales of Sodom and Gomorrah, Angels and
>Demons and the timely intervention of divine power to save or destroy the good
>guys and the bad guys as they fit the authors fancy.

Perhaps attacks on religious scriptures would be better posted to
alt.atheism rather than a scholarly forum for the discussion of Indology.

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