The south Asian bombs

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<< It is now almost three weeks after Pokhran-II, and a day after the most
 recent test in Chagai. I've seen no direct reference to the nuclear
 testing on this list. Maybe Sarasvati and Dravidian etymology are
 explosive enough for us here. Maybe the bomb is not one of the issues
 that Indology should bother about. >>
> From Christian Bomb to Communist, Jew, Hindu and Islam Bombs. What more do we

All nations are replete with mythological attribution to divine or devil
retribution. The almost whole world is into religious faith due to fear, or
lack of awareness of the hypocrisy of religious leaders.  Our religious works
have brain washed us with sordid tales of Sodom and Gomorrah, Angels and
Demons and the timely intervention of divine power to save or destroy the good
guys and the bad guys as they fit the authors fancy.

Hindus had a Krishna who encouraged killing, and also had a Gandhi  who in
time of total weakness practised non-violence and the British under a war torn
economy let go India and other colonies. Things have changed, each nation has
to be prepared to ensure security and in the process will get blown up. Or the
almighty will appear in some form, may be inanimate this time, in the form of
a nuclear weapon from unheard of tiny rogue nations such as Sri Lanka, who
think, Buddha has decreed that the Buddhist tenet will be maintained in its
pristine form by annihilating the Tamils of Tamil Eelam. Who is fooling whom?

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