Turtles in Vedic Sacrifice and the Dravidian concept of

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<< >It is interesting that in a quintessential Tamil love poem we find a poet
 >a hunter background using elements of a very specific Vedic ritual!

         Isn't it more likely that we are dealing with a poet from a Vedic
 ritual background who is assuming the persona of a hunter? >>

I am sorry that in my desire to keep the posting short, I left out some
important details. Following the conventions of CT love poems, this poem also
does not contain  the author's name. That information is obtained from outside
the poem.

The name of the poet is eyin2antai makan2 iLaGkIran2Ar "the respected young
kIran2 who is the son of eyin2antai". eyin2antai is a compound of eyin2
(hunter) and tantai (father). According to  U. V. Saminatha Aiyar, the poet
hailed from the hunter community. There are other CT poets from the hunter
community such as:

kaTuvan2 iLaveyin2an2Ar
viRRURu mUteyin2nan2Ar
kazArkkIran2 eyiRRiyAr (female)
kuRamakaL iLaveyin2i (female)
pEymakaL iLaveyin2i (female)

CT poets come from all walks of life.

S. Palaniappan

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