Horse in Mesopotamia and ancient India

Dr.S.Kalyanaraman kalyan99 at NETSCAPE.NET
Wed Jul 22 17:49:44 UTC 1998


As I was updating the Sarasvati web with lots of Mesopotamian metallurgical
and weaponry links,I came across this observation by MEL Mallowan (1965, Early
Mesopotamia and Iran, London, Thames and Hudson, p. 123):

" Tepe Hissar IIIB a little before 2000 B.C... in Hissar IIIB the
skull of a horse was found and furthermore the horse is alleged to have been
domesticated at Shah Tepe much earlier still, thus long anticipating the first
appearance of it at Boghazkoy in Central Asia Minor in the early   Hittite

Tepe Hissar is a key archaeological site with vivid links to the Sarasvati
Sindhu civilization with many seals, motifs, artefacts...

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