Thu Jul 16 17:34:19 UTC 1998

A 08:35 16/07/98 -0600, vous avez écrit :

>BTW, George Hart has completed the entire puRanAnURu translation.
>It will come out from Columbia university press.
>N. Ganesan

That's a very good news!!!

Then to my knowledge, the only tokai-s
(among the eTTut tokai)
not having a full translation
will be akam (akanAn2URu) and kalittokai.
 (I am assuming that everybody can read the beautiful french
  translation of ParipATal by prof. François Gros ...)

There is an unpublished translation of akam
in the library of the French Institute of Pondicherry
by V.M.Subramanya Ayyar, but he died before
he was able to have it revised for publication.

Since S.Palaniappan gave us several times
translations of parts of akam, he should be
encouraged to prepare a full translation of akam.
I am sure it would easily be published by any
of the institutions that are in the field.
But of course, only he can say what his projects are.

Best wishes


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