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Dr. Fosse,

There are some interesting exhibitions on the Web at present. One is Cooking for the Gods,
the Art of Home Ritual in Bengal.

Another is an exhibit from the Sackler Gallery, Puja, Expressions of
Hindu Devotion.

Within the next month I will begin putting up somw of my own photographs
from Orissa.  These include persons and places, some temples and temple
sculpture, ancient and contemporary, and handloom silks.  If any of that interests
you, that site will be linked to my home page at

Nancy C. M. Ross

Nancy C. M. Ross, Ph.D. University of Chicago 1983, Human Development
Graduate Student, SLIS University of Wisconsin -- Milwaukee
Research Consultant, Office of Research and Evaluation, Alverno College
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>Dear Netters!
>Would any of you know of a database where I can find pictures of
>India/Indian art etc that can be downloaded to my computer?
>Best regards,
>Lars Martin Fosse
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