B.rhatii edn particulars - correction

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>This is a question for Miimaa.msaa specialists and librarians on the list.
>I have four volumes of Prabhaakara's B.rhatii published in the Madras
>University Sanskrit Series. They are numbered I, II, IV and V. However,
>between II (published as MUSS no. 24 in 1962) and IV (published as MUSS
>no. 25 in 1964), I do not find any text missing that could have required
>another volume. Is the absence of volume III then due to an error in
>numbering? Are there any sets in which the numbering is corrected?

The cover of MUSS no. 24 published in 1962 clearly says Part II, The series
title page (I think that is what is called) in my copy reads Part III, but
it appears as though the third stroke of III was penned in.

I think the solution is that Zaalikanaatha's BhASyapariziSTa [tarkapAda],
published as MUSS No. 3 Part II, under the general title BRhatii of
Prabhaakara Mizra,is considered as volume 2 of BRhatii. But after MUSS no.
24 was printed, and its cloth cover stamped as Part II, somebody must have
realized that there was already a Part II (even though it wasn't really
BRhatii), so some effort was made to mark at least some of the already
printed copies as Part III. MUSS no.25 then had to be published as Part IV,

So, Ashok, you're got all there is of BRhatii.

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I replied in haste sometime after three in the morning (that is, rather
late), and remembered shortly after shutting down the computer, that MUSS
No. 3 (published by the University of Madras in 1936), not only contains
BhASyapariziSTa, but a printed copy of the portion of the Madras Government
Oriental Manuscript Library transcript used for the edition in I, and a
list of variant readings in a second BRhatii ms. in the collection of the
Shringeri Math.

If this volume is not otherwise available to you, and you would like a copy
of all or part, I think my bound xerox copy will copy decently.


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