kaTha upanishad IV. 1

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Fri Jul 10 21:13:07 UTC 1998

>>A sub-question to the above - kshemarAja's quotation reads AvRtta
>>cakshur amRtatvaM aSnan, whereas the standard reading is AvRtta
>>amRtatvaM icchan. The difference is not without significance. Is aSnan
>>reasonably well-known variant?
>Though I have no answer to the questions posed, may I just comment that
>Jaideva Singh's English translation (The Secret of Self-recognition, p.
>says "wishing to taste immortality." (The aSnan version is printed
there as
>well.) Did Singh perhaps try to incorporate both versions somehow?
>Yoshi Onishi

Perhaps so. However, the context of the quotation under sUtra 18 of the
text is the description of Sakti-sankoca (the turning inwards of
consciousnes) as a means to vikalpa-kshaya. So the translation does not
seem very far from kshmerAja's intent.

I sent a private response to Mani yesterday, re: the identity of the
kaThavallI, but I suppose other list-members would also be interested.
It seems clear that kshemarAja does have the familiar kaTha upanishad in
mind, since he quotes the entire verse beginning with parAnci khAni etc.
This is indeed the first verse of the fourth vallI, which marks the
beginning of the second adhyAya of the kaTha upanishad.


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