Jacob Baltuch jacob.baltuch at EURONET.BE
Thu Jul 9 19:56:06 UTC 1998

Anybody knows of a bookstore in the Netherlands with a decent
Sanskrit section (European publishing and/or Indian publishing
of e.g. M.R.Kale's editions, etc.) and/or a decent IE (lingu.)

I've been to places such as Atleest in Leiden and Heremiet in
Eindhoven. Heremiet is fully a New Age bookstore with one dic-
tionary in lieu of a liguistics section. Atleest has two shelves
of Sanskrit (a few reference works; nothing of what I was looking
for; basically no texts except for a lone reader) and is also sort
of a half-New Age store. I asked the guy there about Beekes's
"Vergelijkende Taalwetenschap", a pretty basic introductory text-
book I thought, and he had never heard of it or of Beekes for that
matter. I've been told of Au Bout du Monde in Amsterdam but also
that its selection is basically similar...

There's good Dutch linguistics publishers, so why not good lingu.

How about in Germany within reasonable range (say 300 kms) of

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