Indo-Kafiri-Iranian: a clarification

Dominique.Thillaud thillaud at UNICE.FR
Thu Jul 9 07:45:10 UTC 1998

Dear Caroline,
        Bernard Sergent, in his new book "Gene`se de l'Inde", Paris 1997
(Payot), give a  full analysis of your problem.

>Sorry maybe I should clarify my question:
>When did the Dardic languages diverge from the Indian or Prakit
>languages,  if we accept a provisional date for the rise of
>Prakit/Indian languages in the mid-second millennium B.C when they
>apparently existed as spoken idioms alongside Vedic Sanskrit ?
>Is there a chronological framework for the divergence of
>Nuristani/Kafiri languages from the Proto-Indo-Iranian family ?
>Is there any substantial evidence for whether Nuristani predates the
>arrival of Dardic languages in the subcontinent ?
>As an archaeologist,  I am finding the literature contradictory,  and
>there seems to be little interest in the question of when the
>Nuristani/Kafiri languages spread to the sub-continent and there
>spatial relationship to Dardic and Iranian languages.
>Caroline Fritsch.
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>University of Melbourne.
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Dominique THILLAUD
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