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>>But how? Does anybody know why there are attachments to my postings? I do
>not attach anything actively. >I work on a NT Windows server, with the
>Windows Messaging. I write my postings with the Compose >command (Reply to
>Sender), then I send it to outbox, and from there to the server. The
>attachment may be >of the following character

To all attachment-valas,
By default Outlook sends the text of an e-mail-message together with an RTF-file of the same as an attachment. You have to specify in your Adressbook for each entry that you do not want to send RTF format messages. Uncheck the box with this option. This is one of the ways Micro$oft makes you aware that you have not bought their stuff. I.m.h.o. Outlook is one of the worst e-mail clients around, most freeware programs such as Eudora Lite and Pegasus are much more easy to use.

Thomas de Bruijn

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