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Jacob Baltuch wrote

>C1. The ocean was dumped tea into by the revolutionaries.
>Why is that *not* a raising (or move-alpha or whatever) of
>the locative to a subject position?
>Is it simply that it is not correct English? (not such a
>far-fetched option :-) or is there some other reason...?

C1 is a bit theoretical; not used in `normal' BBC English. The reason of non-moving/raising etc. is the fact that the loc phrase should have been deprived of the element that makes it a loc phrase if it would function as a subject. In other words, the preposition `into' should be missing. Therefore, C1 is not exactly the same as A (the rev. dumped tea into the ocean) in Deep Structure. `into' in C1 behaves more like a verbal preposition. But this is highly theoretical, especially if we consider the nature of C1.

We're drifting away from the pre-colonial India

Sandra van der Geer
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