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Sat Jul 4 19:31:35 UTC 1998

Jacob Baltuch wrote:

>indraayudhaM na kasya cid darzayati
>              '(he) does not show the rainbow to anyone'
>indraayudhaM na kaz cid darzyate
>              as 'no one is shown the rainbow'?

>aabharaNaM suutasyaa \rpayati
>              '(he) hands over his insignia to his driver'
>aabharaNaM suuta arpyate
>              as 'the driver is handed over the insignia'?

Both passive examples sound good to me, but I am not a sa.msk.rtabhA.savAdinI, so I'm curious if how more versatile Sanskrit speakers understand these pairs.

Sandra van der Geer
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