Authorship of Sarvadarzanasamgraha

Aklujkar aklujkar at UNIXG.UBC.CA
Wed Feb 25 19:38:40 UTC 1998

The information given by  Rama Balasubramanian <rama at HOMER.CTD.COMSAT.COM> in his 25 Feb 1998 08:49:31 -0500 posting does not seem to be accurate in the following respects: >The author also salutes vidyAsha.nkara< and > In the end of the SDS he says that he is omitting advaita since he has explained it elsewhere.< I did not find a reference to Vidyaa-;sa:nkara. Also, in the editions I have access to, the SDS concludes with a fairly long section on ;Saa:nkara-dar;sana. 

As for the earlier post by Vidyasankar Sundaresan, it should be noted that his observations do not rule out the possibility that Canni-bha.t.ta/Cennu-bha.t.ta was the real author (of the entire SDS main text or a substantial part of it) and was the editor or presenter of the final version (probably as the head of a committee of  pa.n.ditas or as an appontee of the ruler). 

The Nyaayaala:nkaara Introduction is written by Prof. Anantlal Thakur, a scholar unlikely to write without careful thinking. His words are: "I have consulted a manuscript of a commentary on it [= Varada-raaja's Taarkika-rak.saa] by Cannibha.t.ta and Rame;svara of the Vijayanagara court. It shows that the Sarvadar;sanasa.mgraha, so far attributed to Maadhavaacaarya, is really the contribution of Cannibha.t.ta himself. This has been confirmed by a comparison of the Sarvadar;sanasa.mgraha with the commentary in question as well as with his Tarkabhaa.saaprakaa;sikaa."

As I recall, Prof. Kunjunni Raja had come to the same conclusion as Professor Anantlal Thakur in an article published sometime after 1981 (I have access to a list of Kunjunni Raja's publications until 1981. I could not locate in it the article I was looking for. Hence my guess that it was probably published after 1981). 

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