Authorship of Sarvadarzanasamgraha

Dmitry Olenev tattvarthi at YAHOO.COM
Wed Feb 25 16:14:51 UTC 1998

 The author starts with chArvAka and ends
> with pata.njala yoga. Since nyAya is somewhere in the middle, it can
> hardly have been written by a naiyAyika. Then, as I said, he says he
> has explained advaita elsewhere.

I cannot agree with this assertion; it's enough to remember a great
naiyayika Raghunaatha (or Vaacaspati Mi'sra) to understand
the simple fact that it was well possible for Indian philosophers to
be adepts of several traditions.
   Furthermore, nyaya is intellectual tradition, not spiritual, so I
don't see any reasons for which a naiyayika couldn't be a vedantist,
i. e. an adept of spiritual tradition.

  Yours, Dmitry Olenev
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