Authorship of Sarvadarzanasamgraha; a passage from the preface

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Wed Feb 25 16:27:05 UTC 1998

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> The author of the preface to the nyAyAlaMkAra is perhaps confused.

   I don't think so; perhaps, you didn't read the preface, so I'm
giving the relevant passage:
...But among the other Sa.mgraha works the Taarkikarak.saa of
Varadaraaja along with his own commentary, the Saarasa.mgraha is the
best of all as it faithfully presents the views of the traditional
Nyaaya authors. This work, though published long ago, unfortunately
did not receive the attention of scholars, which it richly deserves. I
have consulted a manuscript of a commentary on it by CannibhaTTa and
Raame'svara of Vijayanagara court. It shows that the
Sarvadar'sanasa.mgraha, so far attributed to Maadhavaacaarya  is
really the contribution of CannibhaTTa himself...
  It remains to add, that there are no reasons to think that
CannibhaTTa=CennubhaTTa. Or I'm mistaken?

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