The Lost Years of Jesus

Mary Storm umadevi at SFO.COM
Sat Feb 21 18:22:35 UTC 1998

While there may indeed be a tomb of Moses in Kashmir; I have just
learned from a Japanese art historian that Moses also has a tomb in
This idea that Jesus taught in Kashmir, or the Mormon idea that Jesus
taught in South America, or that Moses ended his days in Japan is an
interesting little problem.
I have run across seemingly Islamic tombs in Pakistan, dedicated to
"Bibi Hariti." These tombs are scenes of popular pilgrimage, and are
draped with scarves and are circumabulated, and the surrounding trees
are tied with scarves and threads as markers of vows or hopes for
blessings. Hariti, the Buddhist goddess of children and pustular fevers
was very popular in Gandhara, but presumably has no place in orthodox
Residual beliefs surviving intrusive religious traditions or a new
cultural usurpation (not very PC, but for want of a better term?) of a
charismatic parallel religious leader seems to have been going on a long
Perhaps we will finally learn that Elvis has been residing in Swat.
Mary Storm

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