-vada / -vadin (and Buddhist schools generally)

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Sat Feb 21 08:06:27 UTC 1998

Richard Salomon <rsalomon at U.WASHINGTON.EDU> writes:

>Shizutani is indeed the best source for Buddhist schools in
>Indian inscriptions,
>and is usable even without a knowledge of Japanese; see especially the
>index of schools on p.153.  But it is not quite up to date, as quite a
>number of inscriptions with such references have been published since
>1979; for instance, a (previously) rare Mahisasaka inscription published
>by G. Fussman in BEFEO 74 (1985), pp. 47-51.  In particular, numerous
>Kharosthi inscriptions referring to the Dharmaguptakas have been found
>recently; see A. Sadakata in JA 284 (1996), pp. 301-24.  Several more
>Dharmaguptaka inscriptions will be presented in my forthcoming (later
>this year if all goes well) book on the British Library Kharosthi scrolls
>(at least some of which I believe to be Dharmaguptaka texts).

Yes, I remembered some of this from your lecture to UKABS in London last
year.  Actually, it was partly that which led me to think that a new list
was needed.

Actually, I wonder what form the name takes in your inscriptions. As you
know, it is Dhamma-guttaa in the oldest literary source (Diip V 47). The
later accepted form is no doubt influenced by (probably later) stories of
the origin of the school from an eponymous founder: Dharma-gupta - no doubt

Lance Cousins,

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