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Thu Feb 19 02:33:24 UTC 1998

Shizutani is indeed the best source for Buddhist schools in
Indian inscriptions,
and is usable even without a knowledge of Japanese; see especially the
index of schools on p.153.  But it is not quite up to date, as quite a
number of inscriptions with such references have been published since
1979; for instance, a (previously) rare Mahisasaka inscription published
by G. Fussman in BEFEO 74 (1985), pp. 47-51.  In particular, numerous
Kharosthi inscriptions referring to the Dharmaguptakas have been found
recently; see A. Sadakata in JA 284 (1996), pp. 301-24.  Several more
Dharmaguptaka inscriptions will be presented in my forthcoming (later
this year if all goes well) book on the British Library Kharosthi scrolls
(at least some of which I believe to be Dharmaguptaka texts).


On Wed, 18 Feb 1998, Peter Wyzlic wrote:

> On Wed, 18 Feb 1998, L.S.Cousins wrote:
> > I wish someone would make a handlist of the names of Buddhist sects
> > occurring in inscriptions to update Lamotte's avowedly incomplete
> > list.  It would be extremely useful.  Actually, it's the sort of
> > thing that would be well-done on the Net, perhaps as a collective
> > effort.
> There is already a Japanese work:
>         Shizutani, Masao: Indo bukkyo himei mokuroku.
>         Kyoto : Heirakuji shoten, 1979
>         (Catalogue of Indian Buddhist inscriptions)
> It is said to contain a comprehensive (but not exhaustive) list
> of inscriptions. It was unavailable in the German interlibrary
> system, so I haven't seen it directly, though. In the late
> eighties I contacted a bookseller in Tokyo who gave me the
> information that it is out of print.
> Perhaps it may serve as a good starting point -- even if one does
> not read Japanese.
> All the best
> Peter
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